Questions: What about Medical Treatment?

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Questions: Workers' Compensation Eligibility

1Should I wait to see a doctor until after I file my claim?


Absolutely not. See a doctor right away. Your health and well being should be your primary concern, and seeing a doctor quickly is always a good idea. Go to the emergency room, or see your doctor (if he takes Workers’ Compensation). You must see a doctor who accepts Workers’ Compensation! The doctor should not take any payment from you. Any bills should be forwarded to the Workers’ Compensation Insurance carrier.

But be cautious. Do not see a doctor that does not take Workers’ Compensation. It can ruin your claim!

Make sure that the doctor and nurses that you see document in your records what happened to you and why it is work related. This is really important. If any of the medical records have the wrong history of how you got injured it can ruin your claim.

2What if I don't have health insurance?


This does not matter. One of the benefits you get under Workers’ Compensation is medical treatment for your compensable injuries. Just make sure that you are seeing a doctor that takes Workers’ Compensation. All bills are all paid by the Workers’ Compensation carrier.
3Can I just use my private health insurance instead?


No. Private health insurers are not responsible for treating work-related injuries. Hiding the fact that your injury is work-related could be considered fraud.

Obtaining professional representation to assist in securing benefits in Workers’ Compensation is not only a bargain but also a sensible step to insure your rights.

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Did You Know?

If you choose to accept Workers’ Compensation Benefits you can not sue your employer. However . . . If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with another car you might be able to file a lawsuit with the driver of the other car.

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