Helpful Workers’ Compensation Tips

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Helpful Tips

What you need to know about filing a work related accident / incident report:

  1. Timing

    Report an accident as quickly as you can. If it is not reported within 30 days you may be denied benefits.

  2. It is important to understand the Workers’ Compensation system

    This may be the only way you may be compensated for time needed to heal. NOTE: If you do not understand the NYS Workers’ Compensation System you should seek professional advice and representation by people who do.

  3. The accident / incident report will ask for

    Your contact information.

    • The time and date of the accident.
    • - What happened.
    • - The date your employer was informed of the accident / incident.
    • - What body parts were involved.
    • - If anyone else was involved.
    • - What medical treatment you received for the accident or occupational injury.
    • - Were there witnesses?
  4. Be Organized.

    Keep copies! It is important to get copies of every form you filled out, every doctor visit, every treatment, every receipt or proof of payment, and everything related to the incident or illness. They may be needed later. Your ability to prove you filled something out could be the difference between being denied and being approved. Be organized, keep it all in a safe place together..

  5. The Facts.

    A workplace is busy, be sure everybody has the facts straight. The more time that lapses the easier it is for a supervisor, a witness or even you to forget a fact that is important to your case.

    Keep a journal of important names, facts and conversations related to the injury.

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Did You Know?

Report an accident as quickly as you can. If it is not reported within 30 days you may be denied benefits..

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