Q: What if I live out of state?

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What if I live out of state?

You are still entitled to the same Workers’ Compensation benefits as everyone else, and you still need to give notice to your Employer/Supervisor. Filing a timely C-3 claim for Workers’ Compensation benefits, and to see a doctor right away. Treatment out-of-state can be tricky. There are special rules for seeing a doctor out-of-state, but it can be done. One of the big concerns is that the Workers’ Compensation carrier may not be responsible for paying an out-of-state doctor's full charges, and that doctor can bill you for the unpaid balance. New York doctors who take Workers’ Compensation must accept the carrier's payment as payment in full.

Also, each state has its own unique Workers’ Compensation laws and benefits. The Workers’ Compensation systems can be very different from state to state. It is very unlikely that an out- of-state doctor knows and understands the New York Workers’ Compensation laws, standards, and treatment rules very well, if at all. These laws and rules are very complex, and misunderstanding them can seriously harm your case.

Be cautious! Use a New York Workers’ Compensation doctor if at all possible. At a minimum, make certain that your out-of-state doctor agrees not to hold you responsible for any unpaid charges, and make sure that your doctor will speak to us about the applicable standards, laws, and rules for your New York case.

Obtaining professional representation to assist in securing benefits in Workers’ Compensation is not only a bargain but also a sensible step to insure your rights.

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Did You Know?

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a real occupational injury that is covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance.

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