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How Employers and Insurance Companies Try to Deny NYS Workers’ Compensation Coverage

It is true that a small number of dishonest people invent, inflate, or bend the facts to make an off the job injury looks like an on the job injury but many insurance companies and employers may try to accuse every case to be suspicious in order to be able to deny a claim and save money.

The easiest way to avoid paying a claim is by:

  • - Accusing the employee of getting hurt elsewhere
  • - Accusing the employee of faking the illness or injury
  • - Accusing the employee of enflaming old injuries
  • - Watching everything the employee does after the injury and showing videos of 2nd jobs, strenuous yard work or exercise as if they were faking the injury.
  • - Accusing the employee of a money making scheme
  • - Accusing the employee of wanting paid time off and calling it a vacation.

If you are legitimately injured or have an illness related to your workplace you need representation to help file your claim.

Your insurance company has representation.

Your employer has representation.

And you are the one who is hurt or sick. You need representation. Contact Us!

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The Fact is!

You can be denied a claim immediately and it is up to you to appeal it. You need representation.

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