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Beat the Workers' Compensation maze. Hire Allan Reich, a professional in the field of Workers' Compensation.

About Allan Reich, New York State Licensed Workers' Compensation Representative

Mr. Reich devoted most of his professional career to representing injured workers. His vast litigation experience from his 15 plus years as a licensed Workers’ Compensation representative, as well as his extensive medical experience as a paramedic with over 16 years of experience has earned him a great reputation within the Workers’ Compensation field.

With that being said, prior to being licensed as a Workers’ Compensation Representative, Mr. Reich devoted 16 years of his career to being an NYC-FDNY-EMS paramedic saving lives throughout New York City. Mr. Reich, during his time in the NYC-FDNY-EMS as a paramedic, was also a local 2507 Executive Board Member, assisting injured EMT's and Paramedics throughout the process of their compensation claims. At that point, Mr. Reich additionally wrote a monthly newsletter for the Union Local 2507 about Workers’ Compensation Benefits called “The Comp-Corner,” as well as a book explaining EMT and Paramedic line of duty injuries within the NYC-FDNY-EMS system.

Mr. Reich has prided himself in personal service and quality in representing injured workers throughout their careers, and plans to continue the superior work he has done so far!

What is a New York State Licensed Workers' Compensation Representative?

A New York State Licensed Workers' Compensation Representative is an elite New York State certification involving hours of training and testing from the State of New York. With training and experience Allan Reich and his staff help navigate the complicated maze known as the Workers’ Compensation System.

Unlike an attorney who works on NYS Workers’ Compensation cases, Allan Reich’s office specializes in and only handles NYS Workers’ Compensation cases.

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Did You Know?

The New York Workers’ Compensation Law took effect on July 1, 1914. With few exceptions, most private and public employers of at least one person must carry coverage for their employees. Employers must demonstrate compliance with this compulsory law by prominently posting form C-105, "Notice of Compliance," at each place of business.

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